Established in 1967, UNCG Speech and Hearing Center is a nonprofit clinic offering speech, language, and hearing services to citizens of the Piedmont Triad and beyond for nearly 50 years. Our audiologists are state licensed and nationally certified. We embrace a holistic approach to hearing health care.


Our audiological services include comprehensive hearing evaluations using a patient-centered approach that takes into account your unique hearing profile, cognitive, physical, and emotional factors, and listening needs.

In addition to a detailed case history, our diagnostic evaluation includes:

  • Otoscopic Inspection of the ear canal and ear drum to identify excessive wax or presence of another pathology that requires medical intervention.
  • Acoustic Immittance to evaluate health of the middle ear (as appropriate).
  • Pure-Tone Audiometry to evaluate hearing sensitivity in each ear and describe the severity, type, configuration and symmetry of hearing loss.
  • Otocoacoustic Emissions to measure outer hair cell function (as needed).
  • Speech Audiometry to assess your ability to understand speech at comfortable, conversational, and soft listening levels.
  • Speech-In-Noise Testing to determine speech understanding in challenging listening situations.
  • Professional Counseling on results and implications for communication with personalized recommendations by a licensed audiologist.

A comprehensive report of test results will be sent to the referring physician for patients with Medicare Part B. Income-based financial assistance also is available.


Director, Speech and Hearing Center
Lisa McDonald

Assistant Director, Speech and Hearing Center
Lisa Fox-Thomas

Phone 336.334.5939

Email scheduling@csdshc.uncg.edu

524 Highland Ave, 300 Ferguson Building, Greensboro, NC 27412

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