UNCG’s Hearing Center offers the ABC’s of Hearing Solutions as alternatives to traditional hearing aids.


ADHEAR Bone-Conduction Devices

The ADHEAR device is a revolutionary, non-surgical hearing solution that allows users to benefit immediately from better hearing without needing to undergo the implantation process. ADHEAR is an ideal solution for both adults and children of all ages suffering from conductive hearing loss who are unwilling to undergo or unsuitable for bone conduction implant surgery. It is also an option for individuals with single-sided deafness.

To learn more about ADHEAR’s stick adapter and audio processor, visit MedEL’s website

BAHA Implantable Devices

The Baha® bone conduction system is a hearing assistive device that has both an external processor and a titanium implant. The abutment of the processor connects to the titanium to provides direct stimulation to the sensory organ of hearing. The Baha® is intended for patients who have hearing loss affected by the outer and/or middle ear or who have single sided deafness.  An otolaryngologist (ENT) surgically implants the titanium abutment implant, and an audiologist provides services for the external sound processor. UNCG Speech and Hearing Center Audiologists provide programming, troubleshooting, and other services for the Baha® bone conduction sound processor. If you feel that you or a loved one may qualify for a Baha®, or currently wear a Baha® and need assistance, please call 336.334.3266 for more information.

Learn more about the Baha® conduction system, visit Baha System website.

Cochlear Implants

Cochlear implant services include assessments to determine if a patient qualifies for a cochlear implant, referral to an otolaryngologist to implant the device, activation, programming, follow-up care, and maintenance and troubleshooting through the life of the device. A cochlear implant is a surgically implantable hearing device for patients with a severe hearing loss who cannot benefit from hearing aids. We are currently working with patients 18 or older who are either eligible for cochlear implants or who currently have cochlear implants.

The UNCG Speech and Hearing Center is now part of the Cochlear Provider Network with Cochlear America allowing patients searching for services to easily get in touch with the Center. Only licensed audiologists who offer a full range of patient hearing solutions are eligible to join.

Dr. Jennifer Burkey and Dr. Amy Myers
Dr. Jennifer Burkey and Dr. Amy Myers have a combined 25 years experience with implantable devices.

“I’ve wanted to bring cochlear implants here for the last six years,” said Dr. Amy Myers, “The UNCG Speech and Hearing Center has so many unique clinical services available to provide to the community for all hearing needs. I’m excited that I can continue to support my patients along the continuum of their hearing journey by offering cochlear implant services.”

Listen to recipients share their hearing journey story that brought them to cochlear implants:
WUC Combined Story
Cochlear Implant Success Stories


Cochlear Implant Connections (CIC) is a UNCG group Aural Rehabilitation research therapy program for late-deafened adults with cochlear implants (CI).

The CIC research study is exploring the benefits of a biopsychosocial group therapy program to meet the physical, emotional and social challenges of learning to hear again. The CIC research program is a 10-week group therapy open to newly implanted, late-deafened adult CI users.

In CIC group therapy, subjects are given instruction, structured listening practice, support, and mentoring. Some examples of CIC instruction includes:

  • Learning about your implant and how it works.
  • Learning about the human ear and brain working together in the implant transition process.
  • Learning how to use communication strategies to cope with difficult listening situations.
  • Share your experiences and concerns with other CI users.


We are actively recruiting for upcoming sessions. If you are interested in participating in CIC, please call Dr. Amy Myers at 336.334.3266 or by email


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